Chelsea Embrey

Chelsea Embrey

Year: 2L

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests:  yoga.dancing.making people laugh.laughing-a lot.tanning.twilight.sleeping.cabernet sauvignon.sushi.planning heat (even before lebron & bosh came into the mix!).VIP NOLA.singing off key.real housewives of new jersey.big flashy rings.antique shops.heels.iPhone v. food.iced coffee.telling people “I told you so!”.sarcasm.taking candid pics of people on my iphone.high waisted skirts.anything with sequins or bedazzlement.bringing back phrases.positive powers of the secret..making everything a “but for” scenario.Beamer Benz or Bentley.daydreaming about winning the powerball.people watching.picnics.yogurtland.genuine your own Aston Martin feature on the

Unusual Fact: I have Anatidaephobia        

Type of law interested in: Entertainment law, Intellectual Property law

Show you are on: Real Talk

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